Tuesday, November 5, 2013


AFTER much hype and expectations, Nigeria’s first big music drama hit the stage in Lagos at a grand premiere and several shows last weekend. From October 25 to 28, many Nigerians, who are passionate about  theatre, trooped out in their large numbers to Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos, to see for themselves what founder of Terra Kulture, Mrs. Bolanle Austen-Peters and her had in store for them.

It turned out a titillating experience, as the big musical unfolded on stage with deft interpretation of the journey of four young men to the city in pursuit of their dreams.

The venue, the huge multi-dimensional stage, the colourful and expressive costumes, elaborate light and sound input, plus the actors, dancers, musicians, stunts-men showed that the scale and quality of vision of the producers of the show was indeed remarkable. The performers all dazzled in their lovely and colourful costumes as they thrilled the audience with an enigmatic well-choreographed dance steps, competent acting skills and exquisite fusion of jazz, afro-beat, hip-hop, highlife, juju, apala, and such other contemporary Nigerian music genres.

Saro: A musical story of love and Lagos - Tribune

THE audience was not disappointed, the much hyped ‘Saro the Musical’ lived up to their expectation. Two shows having been held earlier in the day, it was Friday’s (the opening day) last show and Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, was  buzzing one hour to the commencement time.

Those who had not bought their tickets quietly went about doing so while others exchanged greetings and backslaps. Smartly-dressed waiters went around serving drinks as the 7pm commencement time slowly approached.

There was slight commotion at the entrance; photographers began struggling for vantage positions to get shots. That could only mean one thing, the arrival of a very important personality. 


The ambitious theatrical SARO premiered in Lagos Friday October 25 with aplomb typical of a grand Broadway-style showpiece.

It’s been long since a show of such scale, especially in the musical genre, was staged anywhere in Nigeria and the cast and crew involved in this production left no stone unturned to make it a show to remember.

The impressive multi-dimensional stage of the Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island gave room for the actors to be expressive in their elaborate costumes, supported by quality lighting and sound output as envisaged by the producers led by Mrs Bolanle Austen-Peters -- MD of Terra Kulture Art Centre, Lagos.

Over 2000 pupils turned out on the opening night to watch the actors thrill them with choreographed dance steps to the fusion of jazz, afro-beat, hip-hop, highlife, juju, apala, and other contemporary Nigerian music genres.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Saro: Telling Lagos life as it is - BusinessDay

The well lit stage speaks volume of the evocative dance steps and music that will latter grace the stage that Sunday evening. It is the grand finale of the well acclaimed musical, Saro.

The hall at the Oriental Hotel, Lekki, is filled with lovers of theatre arts who are there to experience firsthand an uncommon staging of an indigenous play.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Etisalat Sponsors Saro, The Musical In Lagos - The Premium Times, Nigeria.

Lagos, Nigeria; October 30, 2013: As part of its commitment to promote the expansion of the nation’s cultural heritage, fastest growing and most innovative telecommunications company in Nigeria, Etisalat, has called for revitalization of talents among Nigerian youth in arts and culture at the just concluded, Saro, The Musical. The Three day production sponsored by Etisalat is Nigeria’s first major drama, music and dance production.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

REVIEW: Watching ‘Saro The Musical’ could leave a sour taste in your mouth --- theNET

By Dipo Olutomi

Watching Saro you could leave with a sour taste in your mouth – not as a result of disappointment, but from a feeling that Nigeria can and should have much more of this kind of production. The two-hour-long musical is the first of its kind in Nigeria – the same country that boasts some of the biggest names in African entertainment.

The word Saro refers to freed slaves from Sierra Leone who settled in Nigeria in the early 1800s. In the same vein, the musical, which is set in modern times, celebrates migrants to Lagos from other parts of Nigeria, with a focus on four talented young men (played by Patrick Diabuah, Olumide Dada, Athony Offiong Edet and Paolo Sisiano). The quartet face a series of challenges as they chase better fortunes in this ‘city of dreams’.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Saro: Nigeria's own Broadway-type musicals born in Lagos --- THE AFRICA REPORT

Nigeria's first Broadway style musical production has opened in the country's economic capital, Lagos.

Saro, the musical opened in Lagos and is set for the road. The production of Saro has been tipped to lead a renaissance in Nigerian theatre, and put cities like Lagos on the same pedestal as Broadway in New York and London's West End.

“we can do it better here, thereby creating jobs for our youths”

Theatre attendance in Lagos has been threatened by "Nollywood" - the country's inexhaustible film industry.

Despite stiff challenges from Nollywood screen productions, however, Saro has attracted Nigerians from all works of life.


The event took place at the Grand ball room Oriental hotel, Lagos.
 check out more photos from Saro The Musical below.


It was a very well produced performance. very well entertaining.

Quite good. I'm quite impressed with the theatre industry right now.

It was nice, good history of Lagos and it also showed us the evolution of Nigerian music as well. It was very good and well produced. I would love it to come to England.

This is an absolutely brilliant performance, the best I have seen in Nigeria. the closest memory I have of this is seeing lion king in England. For me, I am really, really impressed. I am so entertained and I feel very glad that I'm able to make it today, to see SARO. It's beautiful and I wish them the best. I trust and hope that many more quality productions like this, will come out of Nigeria.

Nigerian musical Saro highlights migrants to Lagos -- BBC Africa

Broadway in New York and London's West End are known for musicals, but now can the city of Lagos join them?
Nigeria's first major musical has opened with a production called Saro.
It is the story of people seeking a better life in Lagos, which they see as a place of opportunity.
Focus on Africa's Tomi Oladipo attended the premiere, which has been tipped to lead a resurgence in Nigerian theatre.
Click the link to watch video of the Creator and Executive Producer of SARO Bolanle Austen-Peters -- HERE