From its origin in the streets of Lagos, popular music in Nigeria took its root from African pop, bringing in influences and instruments from many ethnic groups and traditional music stylings. Despite the destructive attempts of the Atlantic Slave Trade coupled with  foreign religion and culture of  the ‘Potokis’ (Portuguese), Nigerian music established itself and became prevalent in the life of its people.

Nigerian music began to wear a new face with the influences of several cultures and music genres of the twentieth century; from the Waltz to the Tango, Rock ‘n’ Roll to Jazz, even South America’s Calypso to the Cha Cha. Traditional Nigerian heritage coupled with the influences of the emerging century birthed motivation and creation of what we call Nigerian music today.

Nigerian music, high life, afro beat, afro pop, afro fusion and the like remain highly entertaining, inspirational and deeply entrenched in culture. A composition of art imitating life and life imitating art, embraced not only by its natives but spanning across the continent and now the globe. Welcome to the heart of African music.

Welcome to the future!

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