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“The artistic team, the directors, the producers, the dancers and actors; everybody is just so talented.
I am excited about what the finished product is going to be like. I am confident it is going to be a great play. We have no choice; it is going to be great.”

What is your role in the SARO-The Musical. What should be expected from you?
I play the character of Jane, an office assistant to Don Sito, who basically discovers the boys when they first come to Lagos. I am hoping to bring my fun to it, my voice and my sense of professionalism into the whole production; and hoping to have a lot of fun.

What is different about SARO…?
This will be the first musical that I have done in Nigeria. I have only been back for eight months now and I have done a stage play and a couple of other projects. It is great to be able to tell a Nigerian story using Nigerian music and I am really reconnecting to my culture. I think that is what makes a whole lot of difference.

Who is Ade Laoye?
Ade Laoye is somebody who thinks she has a sense of humour. Ultimately, I studied acting, this is what I love to do, and this is where I find my passion. I am very excited to be on stage. I am a very fun-loving, easy-going, out-going person.  I love music. I love to sing. Musical to me is that kind of my first love when it comes to performing.  I am a Christian, a daughter, a sister, an aunty and somebody who believes in going after your dreams; who takes risks. I love taking risks. Sometimes it may not pay off but, I just believe in living life to the fullest because, tomorrow is not guaranteed.

What have you gained from the rehearsals so far?
 I am working with a group of highly talented people -- amazing dancers, amazing singers and actors. For me, I love working as a team and seeing the dedication that other people have put into their crafts; especially, the dancers. I wouldn’t say dancing is my strongest point but I love watching dancers dance; the way they have control of their body; the way they move is very inspiring to me. It is something I could even apply to my acting; taking control or mastering my craft.

If this is going on tour, which country would you want it premiered?
Well, there are many places I have not been to. I moved back from the US; so, I am familiar with Broadway. I spent sometime in England; I am familiar with the UK as well. I don’t think which country it premieres in matters. I think what counts is the quality of the show we produce. We want to produce something that will be able to compete on the international level but, I feel the world is a very big place and very diverse; so, I don’t know if I should say; it should go to the UK first, or US. South Africa also has a big theatre presence. Wherever it goes as long as it is up to international standard, that is what matters to me.

Which other character catches your fancy besides the one you play right now?
I like the character of Ronke because I never get to play the spoilt brat. It must be fun to play a character that really has her way all the time. So, it would be really fun to play Ronke. I could just get to be annoying and fight for whatever it is that I want, do some temper tantrum and don’t care whoever that hurts. I feel like playing mean character always. Really fun…

How promising is SARO…?
Right now we are still in rehearsals but I have seen how talented everybody in this cast is. The artistic team, the directors, the producers, the dancers and actors; everybody is just so talented. I am excited about what the finished product is going to be like. I am confident it is going to be a great play. We have no choice; it is going to be great.

Do you think Terra Kulture is doing a great job coming up with this concept?
I definitely would like to commend Mrs. Austen-Peters. Stage in Nigeria seems to be undergoing some kind of revival and Terra Kulture has been a home to a lot of these smaller theatre companies looking for a place to showcase their works. The first play that I did, I did it here in May. I love how they have theatre doing a play for the whole month. They have been a home to a lot of people trying to express themselves creatively in a live action. Many people are familiar with Nollywood films and TV but I think stage is beginning to make a comeback though it never really went anywhere.  A lot of attention is being created and there seems to be this new generation of people who are reviving the stage. Terra Kulture has provided a home for that to happen and I am very excited about them doing this play and supporting other artistes to do theirs as well.

Motivation for your readers
One thing I love about being an actor is that, our profession is unlike every other. They say -- no business like Showbusiness; that really is true because we don’t follow same route everyone else does; and our process is very different. At the heart of it is following your passion and being wiling to fight for it.
Many times, I didn’t have any money and have to be in a play where they won’t pay me a lot but I did it because I wanted to be in that project. Ultimately, the life lesson is; fight for your dream. How much you fight for it determines how much you want it and; it is not always going to be easy or fun. I have cried a lot pursuing this dream but in the end it is always worth it. There is no where else I would rather be. 

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