Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Freedom Is What They Seek! SARO: The Four Young Guys Who Embarked On A Journey To The City of Lagos.

SARO: The Four Young Guys.
Lagos was a strategic and important fishing location for the original founders, the Aworis.
It was established as a fishing community by Awori immigrants in the sixteenth century. 

The town later emerged as major economic base nurtured by immigration from nearby ethnic groups led by the Ijebus, then the Ijaws, the Binis, and the Egbas. Trade with Europeans also fueled the commercial rise of the city.By 1880, Lagos had already become a cosmopolitan city. 

The four young guys who embarked on a journey to the city of lagos in search of their destiny.

The boys shake off the shackles of complacency and head for a land that promises limitless opportunities. Inevitable human emotions ensue, including love, fear, jealousy and the inevitable “success”.

But when they got to the City of Lagos,it was a different story.
Where is my phone, my bag, my leg, my money (last kobo!). yeeh mogbe ooo! 

The Area Mama Been hailed By Her Followers.

To many Lagos is a land of opportunity, it's the best secret kept to business gurus; to others it's a land of survival.
The Area Mama Dancing To Galala 

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