Monday, August 26, 2013

One on One with Olumide Dada, ‘Azeez’ in SARO

Olumide Dada, known as 'Azeez' in the musical play SARO

In SARO, Olumide Dada plays the role of 'Azeez', the leader of four young performers who embarked on a journey in search of their destiny. The boys shake off the shackles of complacency and head for a land that promises limitless opportunities. Inevitable human emotions ensue, including love, fear, jealousy and the inevitable “success”. 

Freedom is what they seek and Lagos has the potential to offer these emerging artists an escape from poverty. A devastating experience lands them in the lap of destiny, success ignites them and love fuels them. Will their purpose be fulfilled? Destiny is always inevitable. 

Olumide Dada talks about his experience as the theatre world and his excitement for SARO.

Tell Us about Your Career in Theatre?
Well my career did not start in theatre; I’m more of a musician than of actor. But I’ve been doing live performances for a while. Sometime I work with others for theatre, other times I feature in operas, musical dance which I have to act, dance or sing. This is exactly how I started my career in theatre and my expirence so far has been worth a while.

Who/What inspired you to join SARO?
Sincerely, it was one of my friends, the Music Director of SARO Production (Ayo Ajayi) who referred me; he is also a music producer
What course did u study at the university?
I studied music, though not as my first degree…

What role are you playing in SARO?
I am playing the role of Azeez)…

How far does your role go in SARO?
 I’m playing the role of Azeez… Azeez is the leader of those (four) guys who came to the City Of Lagos for greener pastures.

What should your fans outside be expecting from you In SARO Musical?
Well, people know me to be a singer, and I don’t think they have seen me act or perform. What my fans should be expecting from me is that there is going to be a different me on the stage that day for SARO musical.

How do you feel taking part in SARO Musical?
Basically I have done some production; opera, musical…I feel great to an extent that SARO Musical Production crew are well organized.. The production is in order.

Which other special ability do you wish to discover?
I want to discover my broadcasting skill and I wish to take it up to a greater level, because it’s an opportunity for me to start something professional.

Interview by Tosin Olubanke

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