Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Short Interview With The Dance Choreographer For Saro The Musical - Maxwell Matthew

Maxwell Matthew

"Saro is not just here to entertain. We will do that but, we will also inform, educate and liberate..." Maxwell Matthew, Dance Choreographer  - Saro The Musical

Read full interview below:
How is SARO The Musical different from what you have done in the past?
This is different because when they say Dance Drama, it's more of you doing a drama and then doing the dancing and then maybe the miming in the dancing part making it more dramatic or we do a pure drama on stage which is more like telling people about a story in acting and all that.. Saro the Musical is the combination of music, dance and acting. Definitely this is different from what I have done.

What inspired you to join SARO The Musical?
Saro the musical inspired me because I have an idea of what musical is and what most countries have done, I've seen it and have watched it and I love the way they impact it on stage, the flow, the narration, dances, and music part...I'm also inspired by Saro because its more natural, and energetic

How do you feel taking part in SARO The Musical?
I feel great, relaxed, I feel challenged.

What would u say to people out there who are ready to watch SARO The Musical?
They should put on their seat belt, and get set because it is not going to be the same drama and musical they have been watching before.. it is going to be different entirely. Saro isn’t just there to entertain. We will do that but, we will also inform, educate and liberate, so to speak. The notion is out there. Mentally, some people are still caged. It isn’t just the four walls of prison that hold you back from achieving your goals or dreams.

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