Friday, September 20, 2013

Meet The Stage Manager For SARO The Musical Babs Ademoye

Meet The Stage Manager For SARO The Musical.
Babs Ademoye is a  young artiste, a graduate of Theatre Arts from the University of Ibadan where he majored in Directing and Dance. 
Which university did you attend and course?
I studied Theatre Arts at the University of Ibadan, where i majored in Directing and Dance.

What was your first show as a stage manager?
Well my first show as a stage manager happens to be SARO The Musical..

How do you feel been the stage manager for SARO The Musical?
Well I feel great, it’s an honor to have me on this production and at the same time, i feel honored to be part of this history making event SARO The Musical.

How do you approach a script when reading it for the first time?
Well, approaching the script for the first time, I actually take it from the angle of been the Director and I get to see the spine of the play.
As a stage manager, I tend to grab a pencil and as I read the show, circle or highlight anything that indicates something that's my job -- references to props, set moves, light shifts, sound cues, etc. I like to just read the show straight through the first time, and these markings allow me to go back later and quickly skim to find the things I need to start building prop lists and the like. 

How would you describe your stage management style?
Well, in my own style will say coordination and organization.

Which other shows have you worked on?
Well, I was actually one of the co-coordinator for ECO 2012 Carnival, and I also have Credits for Numerous event, and screen productions such as Tears In The Rain, The Big White Fog, The Proposal, Who is Afraid of Solarin, BU-DI-SO, The NANTAP play, The BRECAN official Play, MTV Base Advance Warning, Malta Guinness Street Dance.

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