Monday, September 9, 2013

SPOTLIGHT: Meet Patrick One Of The Drama Cast Acting As ‘Laitan’ in SARO The Musical

In SARO, Patrick plays the role of 'Laitan', one of the young guys who embarked on a journey in search of their destiny.
Patrick talks about his experience and Career in theatre world and his excitement for SARO.
Check out the interview with Patrick below:

Tell Us about Your Career in Theatre?
Well my career started 3 years ago,I studied theatre at the uni of Lagos, I graduated 2011…since then have been practising… well its been exciting

Who/What inspired you to join saro?
Actually I took part in a musical some months back and I loved the idea, and when I heard about SARO and I thought that I should come and try it, see it because I love the experience of the musical I went for..and lucky for me,I was given the privilege to be part of the crew. And I was also invited by one of the Drama Directors:  Kenneth Uphopho.

Which other project do you do aside acting?
Aside acting am a sculptor in my spare time. Sometimes I also do music and voice over.

What is the biggest challenge you've faced so far in theatre?
Well, Currently my biggest challenge is when am trying to fit into the character am asked to play.

Who are your favorite plays or playwrights?
Well, I love Late Ola Rotimi works..

What role are you gonna be playing in SARO?
Well am gonna be playing the role of Laitan, a Village guy, a very talented guy in is mid 20s, a local musician….also a stubborn guy and annoying..

How do u feel taking part in SARO Musical?
Well I feel it’s a privilege to be called upon to come and act with other actors and sing..

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Well in 5 years, wow!! I have very big dreams…well in 5 years I wanna see myself winning an Oscar, Golden Globe award, I also want to see myself go beyond the Theatre.. and will like to see myself direct one or two movies myself…I know I will get there, am working towards it.

Which other special ability do you want to discover?
To sharpen my musical skills

What is your favorite inspirational quotes that you live by?
‘Its not over until it is over’

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