Friday, September 27, 2013

Meet 'Eferoghene Victoria Awusa' One Of The Drama Cast For Saro The Musical

Eferoghene Victoria Awusa is one of the drama cast in Saro The Musical. Over the years, she has featured in several plays such as;  Ajantala Pinnochio (performed at the 70th birthday of Wole Soyinka and the Lagos black heritage festival 2011), Imodoye (performed for students at Terra Kulture) also plays like Esu and the Vagabond Minstrels, Aringindin and the Night Watch Men, Belle Bellows and two operas titled A Time in Tulipsha and Ivory Tower. 

Eferoghene Victoria Awusa speaks joining the cast of Saro The Musical and her experience so far...

What inspired you to join Saro the musical?
Basically I just wanted to keep myself busy because of the ongoing ASUU strike.

What role are you going to be playing in Saro The Musical?
Am going to be playing the role of an ASHAWO (Prostitute) in Saro the Musical.

How do you feel taking part in Saro The Musical?
Well I feel very very Great to be part of this big Project (Saro The Musical) and am able to meet new people. It also opened my eyes to lots of things.

What is the favorite thing about your Role in Saro The Musical?
The fact I'm meant to act as an ASHAWO, when am a good girl... its very interesting.

What will you say to people out there who are ready to watch Saro The Musical?
Please come and watch it and feel the impact of stage Drama.. it’s interesting and you're going to love it.. 

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