Friday, September 13, 2013

WATCH: Mo Abudu, 2Face Idibia, Prof. Ahmed Yerima, Hon. Disun Holloway, Commissioner for Tourisim, Speak About Saro The Musical


“It’s obvious we didn’t waste time on these people and also that generations to come will benefit from them, they will know what to do when it’s their turn. So I’m very happy” --- Prof. Ahmed Yerima, Senior Lecturer, Redeemer’s University

“Terra Kulture is an institution that the Lagos State Government has always supported, I’m here today to see what they’re doing and what we can do, I truly enjoyed what I’ve seen”--- Hon. Disun Holloway, Commissionner for Tourism, Lagos State.

 “Saro is a reflection of our society as it is though there’s still work to be done on it. It really is a welcome change. Theatre is not an area that we have owned in Nigeria and I think it is importat at this point in time that we use every single medium possible, be it theatre, film, be it song to send a message because I think what Saro does is to send a message about our society and the things we need to do and correct in our society. I was entertained watching the short preview but I was also concerned that it’s a true reflection of where we are” – Mo Abudu, CEO EbonyLife TV

 “There’s an energy that’s going on now within the last couple of years in which people are looking at the musical as another genre to energize theatre in Nigeria. This Saro has been the one doing that has given the biggest push, and what one is seeing in Saro is really exciting, it’s going to be absolutely thrilling”--- Joke Silva, UN Ambassador

“Since the break down of the National Arts Theatre the theatre has really suffered patronage so with something like Saro, it’s going to come back up because frankly, theatre is where acting really is. It’s where all the emotions really come out, every expression shows up close and personal. Theatre is something I love a lot and I’m glad Saro is going to wake up the theatre culture” --- 2Face Idibia, Artiste

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