Tuesday, October 15, 2013

MEET THE CAST: Blessing Idireri, Percussionist, Actor and Dancer in Saro The Musical

Here's a one-on-one interview with Blessing Idireri, percussionist, actor and dancer in Saro The Musical. He believes Saro is more than a project to him, it's a story that will inspire everyone that sees it.

Read full interview below..

What impact do you think Saro The Musical has on the society?
Well Saro The Musical will influence the lives of people coming into lagos; it will tell them what lagos is all about, the future in it and how Lagos is not just for the yorubas.  Lagos is the one place in Nigeria that accommodates every tribe.

How has the story of Saro The Musical influenced you personally?
For me it is like a journey of 100miles, Saro has been a stepping stone for me.

How do you feel taking part in Saro The Musical?
I feel very grateful, happy to be among the musical and drama cast in Saro.

What role are you playing in Saro?
Well I'm actually doing the opening of Saro The Musical, also drumming, dancing and singing in Saro

What will you say to people out there who are ready to watch Saro The Musical?
I'll tell them they should please come out and watch our show. They should also come and see what music is all about, they are really going to love it.

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