Thursday, October 17, 2013

MEET THE CAST: Phebean Oluwadare as Lead Saxophonist in SARO The Musical

Talented Phebean Oluwadare -  composer, lyricist and singer who's also the lead saxophonist  In SARO The Musical shares how the project has influenced her personally and why it's a must see presentation.

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What inspired you to join Saro The Musical?
Basically....I'd say it's the first ever musical that am participating in and it's also the biggest so far in Nigeria, west Africa and arguably in Africa! All other inspirations unfolded as the rehearsals went on, and I have been loving every bit of it.

What role are you playing in Saro The Musical?
I'm one of the band members and also a lead saxophonist in the 'church scene'

What impact do you think Saro The Musical will have on the society?
Saro The Musical will expose core norms, practice and element pertaining  to our society using music, dance and drama with a focus on how music has evolved through time.

How has Saro The Musical influenced you personally?
First, I am experiencing the other aspect of performing arts, secondly it is the biggest thing so far that has happened to me as a music scholar/performer. And it has given me an experience to perform music that had existed before I was born.

What do you look forward to the most during the 3–day event?
The reward of diligent hard work and audience acceptance, appreciation and applaud!..

What has been the most exciting thing about this project to you?
Meeting other professionals in arts, getting interviews and exposure, and above all, waking up daily to do what I love doing most!

What will you say to people out there who are ready to watch Saro The Musical?
SARO is not just a stage play neither it a mere concert; It's a well conceptualized phenomenon with historical factual elements ,which will lead to a clue to the future of musicals in Nigeria. It's going to be presented to the world in the most stylish and professional way by a 100 man experienced cast- all with Nigerian origin but world class reputation and I don't think any one will want to miss that!

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