Saturday, October 5, 2013

MEET THE CAST: Anita Obidi, Double Cast for ‘Rume’ In SARO The Musical

In Saro,Anita Obidi Plays The role Of  ‘Rume’.Anita talks about how Saro The Musical influenced her personally and her excitement for SARO.

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What impact do you think Saro The Musical has on the society?
Saro, as we see, has been able to successfully expose the ills of the society in a comical way, viewers, who will watch Saro The Musical, will have a rethink when they have the urge to engage in any of the ills depicted in the play, it would have a revolutionary effect.

How has the story of Saro The Musical influenced you personally?
Personally, Saro has been a blessing and has influenced me positively, in the course of preparation, I have been made to step out of my comfort zone; I have been taught to be persistent in my struggle for growth - a behaviour common to the 'Saro' the freetown settlers in Lagos, the play has shed more light on my history as well as that of the state I live in. It has broadened my horizons.

What do you look forward to the most during the 3–day event?
The final day, that graceful moment when we take our bow after the very last show.

What has been the most exciting thing about this project to you?
It definitely has been the people that I have met. The production team did a whole lot of work in gathering the greatest amount of amazing talents I have seen in one project. The show plays host to some of the best in the various fields of the arts being used to pass on the themes in the play. I am honored to have met most of the people here..

What inspired you to join Saro The Musical?
I joined the Saro team to be associated with the success story which we are working out.

How do you feel taking part in Saro The Musical?

Honestly, I feel honoured to have been chosen as one of the casts in the musical, unlike productions I've done before I believe this is record breaking and of another class. I am happy to be a part of this.

What role are you playing in Saro?
I am playing the role of RUME. The village beauty and love to LAITAN, the guitarist for the SARO group.

What will you say to people out there who are ready to watch Saro The Musical?
They should expect to be blown away.

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