Monday, October 28, 2013


Mr. & Mrs Akinribade:
It was quite innovative and exciting. We liked it, we loved it. It was very, very good.

Mr. Siki Aliyu:
This is one of the best Nigerian shows I have ever watched. It was very well organized, very nice and very enjoyable. It was a very nice one; I would watch it over and over and over again.

Ade Abudu:
The show is very good but it would be good to take it outside Lagos, so it can tour the country. It is a revelation that people should enjoy. It is a combination of music, dance and drama that took us down the slave trade era then SARO the future.

Segun Adefila:

I think our theatre is coming of age. The last time we had this kind of performance was in the day of okonji in the 60s, where they put all the elements into the production. It was a breathtaking performance, the choreography was good, I saw the commitment, and the end product proved that a lot of work was put in it. I am obviously overwhelmed by SARO and coming from that background, I don’t have any complaints because I know what it takes to put all this together.

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