Tuesday, October 29, 2013


It was a very well produced performance. very well entertaining.

Quite good. I'm quite impressed with the theatre industry right now.

It was nice, good history of Lagos and it also showed us the evolution of Nigerian music as well. It was very good and well produced. I would love it to come to England.

This is an absolutely brilliant performance, the best I have seen in Nigeria. the closest memory I have of this is seeing lion king in England. For me, I am really, really impressed. I am so entertained and I feel very glad that I'm able to make it today, to see SARO. It's beautiful and I wish them the best. I trust and hope that many more quality productions like this, will come out of Nigeria.

It's really good but I think they need to come back again and not just this long weekend thing. It should come back again in Christmas, Africa and especially Nigeria needs shows like this musical and not the conventional clubbing and all that.

I enjoyed it very, very, very much. The dancing was very good but there is always a better way of doing things because I could tell the professional dancers from the non-professionals. It's a first expedition of the production and I want to see it again and this is a mandate to the production team of SARO. I want to see SARO again perhaps at Christmas, Easter or some other time when there would be a large audience attraction. I want to see it again and if want to see it better and I want to enjoy it again twice as much as I did tonight.

IT was pretty awesome. it was cool. I would like to see more of this.

It is wonderful. what can I say, it is great. quite distinctively different. It was very amazing and without a doubt, I'll definitely want to see more of this.

It was great, I enjoyed it. it was relaxing as well.

It was amazing. It was really, really nice. I liked the combination of all kinds of music; from juju to Afrobeat to Afro Hip-Hop. They did a very good job and i'm very impressed.

It was really great. It was fantastic. The Nigerian music was weaved-in excellently.I would say it is a great start.

It is outstanding. it is a has left me dumbfounded. I really, really enjoyed it. it shows the history of Nigerian music and how it all evolved. From the past to the present. From Haruna Ishola to 'Go Down Low'. I enjoyed it.

I believe the organization is wonderful. The people behind the idea should be encouraged and I would advice they take it beyond Lagos to Abuja, Port-Harcourt and various parts of the country. It was outstandingly wonderful.

It was really good and I'll like to see it over and over again; keeping a date with SARO.

I loved the re-enactment of the juju; Obey, Shina Peters, Sunny Ade, I thought that was really lovely. The music was absolutely fantastic. Kudos, kudos, kudos to the orchestra, they were amazing. After seeing SARO, I have very, very high hopes for theatre in Nigeria.

I enjoyed every bit of the SARO experience. The climax for me though, from the technical point of view was the Bata dance. it was mind blowing.

All I can say is that I would like to watch it every week. That is how good it was.I'll like to say to those who didn't see this show, they've have missed partaking in a historical moment right here. It was definitely a fantastic performance.

Everything was really nice. It was a total package. I really wanted to see it through to the end, that is to tell you how interesting it was. Please we want SARO to be an annual thing.

It's a total concept, from the singers to the dancers, they were all very good.

It was magical. I mean the music and the dancing was incredible. I'll have to say, at first it looked like a very ambitious project but I'll give it to them for pulling it off.Everyone has their own personal issues in there but beyond that the music and the dancing was totally amazing. I would have preferred it if the boys had a plo.

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